Halloween Costume Inspiration from Your Friends at Randolph

Running low on ideas or even more urgently supplies for a Halloween costume? We have some great last minute costumes you can throw together- with your Randolph sunglasses being the main ingredient (of course). Read on.

Bruce Lee

If you live in a year-round warm climate, chances are you’ve learned that less is more for those long Halloween nights. (i.e. the full body gorilla suit from last year is a little musty from sweating in it all night…) So why not begin and end the night with the basics? Jeans? Check. Belt? Check. Watch? Check. Rock hard abs? Sure… Long medallion necklace? For some of you, check, for others it may take some looking. Try a ball chain to get the necklace length that Bruce has here. Last but not least, we recommend the Concorde to complete the costume. Tan or lighter colored lenses are a plus for a more retro vibe.

Optional: Get Bruce’s hair with a Beatles-esque wig, emphasis on the sideburns.


The nineties are back! Though some may argue they never left… In any case, Neo from the Matrix is a character that is still recognizable today (bet you can’t go a year without hearing that red pill, blue pill line somewhere). Grab your black trench, black shirt- turtleneck a plus, black pants and your Randolph Raptor sunglasses and you’ll be ready to go.

Optional: If you want a prop, bring a crowd friendly spoon and keep reminding people “There is no spoon.”


Showing up dressed as the Molly Ringwald-infatuated character from the classic eighties movie, Pretty in Pink, is a chance to wear every trend you may have ever attempted in one super stylish costume. The more eccentric the items the better.

What you’ll need:

  • Cloth fedora or bowler hat with a card or feather stuck in it

  • Retro button down shirt, like a bowling shirt or floral print

  • Clashing blazer adorned with pins

  • Bolo tie

  • So many rings

  • Super hip pointy-toed boots or shoes

  • Randolph P3 sunglasses (naturally)

Optional: To really ring it all in, learn the “Try a Little Tenderness” lip-sync dance Duckie does in the record store and perform it during the party.

Don Draper

The epitome of early sixties cool is personified in Jon Hamm’s Mad Men character Don Draper. Break out your nicest suit, gray if you have it, and a pair of our 23k gold Aviators (the actual glasses Don wears in the show!) and look sharper than anyone else at the Halloween shindig. Don’t forget the pocket square!

Optional (but perhaps necessary): Have a cocktail and unlit cigarette in hand at all times.

Men in Black

All you need is a black suit, a buddy (also in a black suit), two pairs of our Raptor glasses and space guns. We’ve never seen an actual space gun, but we think the toy ones will work just fine. We found one for about $5.99 at our local toy store (complete with laser sound effects!).

Optional: Have another friend or two dress up like extraterrestrials and chase them around all night.

Mod Squad

You and your roommate are all set to be seventies crime-fighters Starsky and Hutch this year, but at the last minute he decides to invite his new girlfriend along. No worries! Keep your groovy appeal and best friend close by suggesting she dress in a similar fashion to join the ranks as the Mod Squad. What girl wouldn’t mind being Peggy Lipton for a night? For the quick costume adjustment, just add glasses. We suggest the Concorde and P3.

Optional: You may also go as the reboot movie version of the Mod Squad from the nineties if you’re seventies flair is lacking. Fun fact- Giovanni Ribisi is actually wearing the flagship Randolph Aviator in the film.

Penny Lane

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you ladies! Grab your shearling coat, bell bottom cords, platform shoes, hippie-style top and become rock and roll muse Penny Lane from Almost Famous. Top the look off with your trusty P3 Shadow shades with blue lenses.

Optional: The greatest aspect of Kate Hudson’s character is her undying confidence even when she gets shot down by Russell. That being said, sure, you could rock a wig to get Penny’s blonde curls, BUT, we suggest going au naturale and working your own hair do. After all, “Band-aids” come in all shapes and sizes.

Hunter S. Thompson

The man, the myth, the legend, the premier “gonzo journalist.” Grab your Randolph Sportsman complete with notable sports bar, a notepad and pen, your Grandpa’s old visor, colorful button down shirt, a cigarette holder and then plan to act zany all night. Shouldn’t be too hard if you’re at a party looking like one of the most famous party animals of all time.

Optional: To really get into character, watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas a few times prior to Halloween to brush up on your Hunter S. Thompson dialogue, i.e. “We can’t stop here, this is bat country,” “Buy the ticket, take the ride,” “I think I’m getting the FEAR.”

John Lennon

One of the most iconic musicians in history as well as a beloved round sunglasses wearer. Love and the Randolph P3 with a far out pink lens is all you need… along with a New York City tee with the sleeves cut off, pants or jeans with a belt and statement buckle, jean jacket and long hair or a wig to top it off. Give peace a chance!

Optional: Practice your Liverpudlian accent and say things like “Maybe the party is having you” all night.

Happy Halloween!

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