GQ Approved: Our Frame Lands on March’s Most-Wanted List

GQ, a true fashion powerhouse, sets the standard for timeless style and trendsetting influence. As the ultimate destination for those seeking forward-thinking choices, GQ consistently delivers.

We're thrilled to be featured by GQ in their article, "21 Things GQ Readers Couldn't Stop Buying In March." It's an honor to see our iconic Cecil sunglasses mentioned. Named after trailblazing Aviatrix, Teddy “Cecil” Kenyon, the Cecil is an oversized square shaped sunglass style, perfect for your spring wardrobe.

Described by GQ as crafted with military-grade precision, our sunglasses ensure durability beyond the ordinary and are proudly handcrafted in the USA.

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Source: GQ

Article Title: “21 Things GQ Readers Couldn't Stop Buying in March”


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