How to Choose Sunglasses for Each Season

Consider this your complete guide to picking sunglasses for each season-

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

Welcome to The Farmer’s Almanac of Eyewear!

March, April, May

The sun starts to peek out again. Trees and flowers are awash with bloom.

Science: Enjoy the golden moments even more with view enhancing lenses. The Infinity Collection has a hue for every spring panorama. Jade, Sunrise and Midnight are perfect for days when there is a lot of sun. While Citron, Sahara and Oasis will be best for the afternoon or even rainy days aka April showers…

Fashion: Time to pack up the monotone winter clothes and trade them in for livelier spring wear. So let your eyewear follow suit. The vibrant array of lens and frame color pairings of our Infinity Collection are colorful enough to complement your spring hues.

June, July, August

The warmest and sunniest season. We spend the most time outside.

Science: It goes without saying that a dark lens, such as Gray or AGX, is preferred during this peak sun time. The goal is to not be squinting all summer! When you’re out on a boat or sitting near the water, a polarized lens will cut the reflective glare off the waves.

Fashion: Summer swag consists of little else than sunglasses and a bathing suit. For your everyday pair of sunnies, may we suggest you try a pair of Concorde sunglasses? This classic style comes in so many color combinations you are bound to find the perfect one for you. Even more, you’ll cop some extra eye protection with the larger lens size.

September, October, November

The sun starts to hide. Leaves change colors setting the countryside ablaze.

Science: Technicolor fall views are some of the most beautiful. People travel from all around to see the leaves change in northern regions. To enhance the vivid scenery, try a Tan lens. Tan blocks more blue tones and enhances red, brown and yellow. You’ll think you’ve stepped into a dream.

Fashion: Robust fall attire, such as corduroy, suede and wool, calls for classic chic eyewear. Our square Aviator style was designed in the seventies and has become a staple in many a closet. Try these sharp looking frames with our signature bayonet temple- perfect for taking your glasses on and off under a hat or beanie without having to remove it.

December, January, February

The coldest and darkest season. Snow falls creating a serene blanket of white.

Fashion: Contrast the volume of your coats and scarves with our remarkably light Fusion frames. Each of our precious metal frames is hand-inlaid with unique, premium acetates. These head-turning glasses are sure to add a touch of sophistication and funkiness to any winter wardrobe.

Science: Gradient lenses, such as those of our Fusion collection, are ideal during these overcast months. Lighter tints, such as Tan or Yellow, will brighten your view and accentuate contrast. Blue will help clarify objects by enhancing shadows (try our blue glass with a hydrophobic coating for snowy adventures). With snow on the ground, a darker lens, such as Gray or Green (AGX), will help block more glare. On top of that, a polarized lens is key to cutting the reflective glare off the snow.

“When it comes to aviators, we’re usually interested in two qualities—understated design and authenticity. Randolph Engineering features both.”


What makes Randolphs your go to glasses year-round?

  • Military spec construction, worn by US Military pilots and NASA astronauts

  • Real 23k Gold, double baked for durability

  • SkyTec™ Mineral Glass, minimizes lens scratches

  • Made by hand in Massachusetts, USA

  • Guaranteed for life

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