Tom Cruise's Sunglasses from American Made

Tom Cruise has been influencing our choice in sunglasses for decades, ever since the iconic films Risky Business and Top Gun hit the scene in the 1980’s. And now, in the new movie American Made, Tom Cruise’s impresses audiences yet again, this time in none other than Randolph Aviators in Bright Chrome.

Take a closer look here.

Get Tom Cruise’s Sunglasses from movie ‘American Made’

Look great in these stunning Aviators!

How Tom Cruise Wears Randolph Sunglasses:

Cruise’s adventurous character and dare-devil ariel stunts require premium well-built shades with clear optics. Randolph’s classic Aviator Sunglases are built to military spec (meaning to the highest possible standards) and have been uniform standard issue to military pilots since 1982, making them the perfect glasses for this high spirited version of Tom Cruise!

Extraordinary lives call for extraordinary glasses. And we think Tom Cruise looks great in them.

“Good enough for fighter pilots, good enough for us.”


The Plot:

On September 29th, 2017, mega star Tom Cruise returns to the big screen in American Made as a hyper-competent routine TWA pilot who shifts gears into a CIA-backed-fly-boy, who helps counter the emerging communist threat in Central America.

Tom Cruise plays a fictionalized version of Barry Seal (a real person who the CIA backed to run guns, money and drugs between the USA and Latin America in the ’80s). We watch Cruise leap into this role, that was literally ‘designed’ for him, and find ourselves lost in his dare-devil aeriel adventures as a little slice of the old Tom in Top Gun peeks through!

Own the sunglasses worn by Tom Cruise in American Made movie with these Randolph Engineering Sunglasses: Gray Glass Aviators with Bright Chrome Frames $160.00

American Made Movie Sunglasses

Worthy of Celebrity-Status.

  • Military spec construction, worn by US Military pilots and NASA astronauts

  • Jewelry metals like 23k Gold, double baked for durability

  • SkyTec™ Premium lenses, minimizes lens scratches

  • Made by hand in Massachusetts, USA

  • Guaranteed for life

See Randolph Sunglasses in American Made!

Get Tom Cruise’s Sunglasses from movie ‘American Made’

Look great in these stunning Aviators!

Photos: David James/Universal

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