Are Aviator Sunglasses Unisex?

Sunglasses are meant to be worn by everyone under the sun, but aviator sunglasses also have a masculine history.

Women sometimes wonder if aviators are the right fashion choice. However, aviators represent American values that go much deeper than gender roles, and Randolph Engineering offers authentic aviator styles for both men, women and unisex.

There are certain frame shapes that look best on petite faces and are perfect for feminine fashion while other styles best fit wider face shapes with bold jaw lines for more masculine fashion. We’ll help you find the perfect aviator for your unique feminine, masculine or gender nuetral style. We design for the individualist.

The Aviator

Randolph's unisex & flagship style.

The Aviator in American Gray SkyTec-P™ lens and Matte Chrome frame

Are Randolph Sunglasses Unisex?

Yes, all Randolph sunglasses are unisex! However, we encourage our fans to choose sunglasses styles based on their unqiue face shape and style preferences.

There are some styles that tend to suit men or women better. This is why we separate our sunglasses by men or women with many styles also listed under both genders. We’re here to help you choose your dream pair of aviators in the simplest way possible.

Top 3 Unisex Randolph Aviators

Top 3 Men’s Randolph Aviators

Top 3 Women’s Randolph Aviators

Would You Like to Trade Shades?

Aviator sunglasses are not your typical gendered accessory. Similar to watches, sunglasses are designed with subtle differences that may fit each gender differently, but overall, aviators are unisex.

In today’s day, gender roles are also less strict in general. Randolph was recently featured in Netflix’s original movie Set it Up where the main character, played by Glen Powell, has his aviators stolen by a flirtatous girl. The rom-com’s quirky plot shows how seamlessly Randolph aviators fit both genders.

Traditional aviators have a bold style that fits women just as well as men. This is the case in pop-culture, in the military and in the everyday lives of our fans.

Eyewear for Everyone

Now after making glasses for over 40 years, Randolph has some expertise on which of our styles suit different personalities. Take a look at our Face Shape Guide to find the right style frame for your face.

Since we all come in a variety of shapes and sizes, sunglasses need to be versatile. With comfort and fit in mind, Randolph builds durable, jewelry-quality unisex metal frames. Metal frames are easy to adjust to fit to each wearer- from the nose pads to the temples. On top of that, our assortment of frame sizes, finishes and lens colors allow you to choose the style that suits your individuality.

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