Theo's Summer Internship with Randolph

We pride ourselves on being extraordinary.

This includes not only the fans we earn, but all of the individuals we bring into our family.

As a company with a product entirely handcrafted from start to finish, every person working on our eyewear is of the utmost importance. That’s why we look for the most passionate employees to help us serve our customers.

Today, we’re thankful to share a piece written by our summer intern, Theo Golstein.

Interning in Design for Randolph Engineering

Design intern with Randolph Engineering, Theo, sits at his desk working on product development. | Randolph Engineering

My name is Theo Golstein and I am a rising junior in the Brown/RISD dual degree program. I am studying industrial design at RISD and science, technology, and society at Brown. During the summer of 2018, I’ve interned in product design at Randolph Engineering.

After finishing high school, I began researching sunglasses that were made in the United States because I wanted a pair of sunglasses that I would be proud to own. In this search, I discovered Randolph Engineering which turned out to be only 50 minutes away from my home. I fell in love with what the brand stood for and the P3 was just the pair of sunglasses I was looking for.

The P3 survived many trips including my road trip out west, many hiking trips in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and several river trips. I was truly impressed with the craftsmanship and the quality of the frames. As the summer after my sophomore year of college was approaching, I began looking for internships in design. Of all the products I owned, I had the deepest appreciation for my Randolph sunglasses and decided to apply for an internship. Luckily for me, I was given the amazing opportunity to be an intern at Randolph Engineering.

Having never been an intern before, I had no idea what tasks I would be given. I was delighted that instead of spending all day doing tedious organizational work or getting coffee for people, I was given legitimate design tasks which used the tools I have been learning at school. The product design and development team helped me further my skills and encouraged me to experiment. My opinion was always respected and I was often given the opportunity to make decisions on my own. I have not yet gotten to terms with the fact that something I designed will actually go into production and will be made hundreds of times. Randolph Engineering is a unique place in that the entire process of designing, making, and shipping sunglasses is all under one roof. Observing the entire process from start to finish has given me a deeper understanding of the industry.

My internship with Randolph Engineering has only furthered my appreciation for the company. I was treated as part of the “Randolph family” and have made wonderful connections with employees in various departments. I have learned so much during my time at Randolph and feel extremely grateful for the opportunity I was given.

Thank you, Theo! And good luck on your future adventures. We’re all very thankful we get to join you on the journey.

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