Randolph Revitalizes 3 Popular Frames: Aviator II, Sportsman & Corsair

With timeless styles, it’s no surprise when Randolph frames are revitalized. The Aviator II, Sportsman and Corsair are now available in brand new colorways for the summer!

These three top frames are back on the radar with new stunning finishes like 22k Champagne Gold for the Corsair. With each frame built to impeccable manufacturing standards in military specifications, these frames provide the best in jewelry quality platings and lens technology fit for every adventure life takes you on!

“Literally the coolest sunglasses on earth…”

The Aviator II

Second to the Aviator, the Aviator II is among Randolph’s most popular styles. This style builds on perfection with the addition of a throwback-style sweat bar made with premium Mazuchelli acetate for extra comfort.

Randolph Engineering continually seeks to offer the world’s best precision-engineered sunglass styles, and we are excited to introduce this frame now in two classic colorways Bright Chrome with AGX SkyTec™ green lens and 23k Gold with American Tan SkyTec™ polarized lens and bayonet temples.

Aviator II

Bright Chrome Frame & AGX SkyTec-P™ Lens

The Sportsman

The sweat bar is prominently featured for another Randolph frame: the Sportsman. Much like the Aviator II, the Sportsman evolved from the Concorde frame, a teardrop shaped lens with skull temples. Designed for the outdoor enthusiast, the Sportsman is an essential piece of equipment to take on everyday adventures.

The Sportsman is now offered in both Bright Chrome with AGX Polarized SkyTec™ green lens and 23k Gold with American Tan Polarized SkyTec™ lens.


23k Gold Frame & American Tan SkyTec-P™ Lens

The Corsair

The Corsair, a classic legacy style from years prior, is making a comeback in three new colorways, one of which is our newest plating finish 22k Champagne Gold. The F4U Corsair, flown in combat by U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Marine pilots, was the inspiration for this high-performing and comfortable style. Built to meet the same Military Standards as our classic Aviator, the Corsair is distinguishable by its subtle dip to the brow bar that gives the rectangular frame a strong aerodynamic look.

Find the Corsair in three new finishes: Bronze Oxide with American Gray SkyTec™ lens, Dark Ruthenium with AGX SkyTec™ green lens and 22k Champagne Gold E.P. with American Tan SkyTec™ lens.


Dark Ruthenium Frame & AGX SkyTec-P™ Lens

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