RANDOLPH Awarded Operation Desert Storm Certificate of Appreciation, 25 years ago this month!


A proud moment in our history

This month, 25 years ago, RANDOLPH was honored to be awarded our ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ from the National Defense for our patriotic support during Operation Desert Storm. Randolph aided the US military by equipping our soldiers with custom optical eyeglass inserts for their gas masks.

Round the clock shifts to meet demand

To meet the high demand of up to 50,000 units a month, staff worked a grueling three-shift schedule, seven days a week. In addition to meeting the needs of the military, RANDOLPH co-founder Jan Waszkiewicz saw this as our responsibility to support our country as civilians.

200,000 units produced, not a single unit returned

By the end of the war, the RANDOLPH team had provided 200,000 units and not a single one was returned for defects. Richie Zaleski, engineering manager and son of co-founder Stan Zaleski, says “it was a time i will never forget” and goes on to recall that it was also the year his son Tim was born. Tim is now Product Developer for Randolph Engineering and has recently become a father himself.

Still serving the military to this day

To this day, RANDOLPH still holds their military contract providing eyewear to US military personnel around the world.


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