Best Sunglasses for Golf

A great pair of sunglasses is absolutely essential for golfers spending full days on the course. Golfing sunglasses should provide protection from harmful UVA/UVB, increase the clarity of your vision and fit comfortably.

There are a number of lenses that will provide essential, precision clarity on the course. Our tan polarized SkytecTM lenses are perfect for golfing because they enhance the contrast of your vision while reducing glare from water and sand traps. The tan lenses are particularly useful for improving vision on slightly overcast days.

Another lens that provides sharp contrast while protecting your eyes is the AGX lens. These lenses filter colors for reduced eye fatigue and brighten shadows, making them perfect for golfers that want to spend a full day on the course.

For an all-around great lens that provides more natural color recognition, go with a gray or gray polarized lens. This lens color is great for a golfer that wants to protect their eyes on sunny days without sacrificing the true colors of the green.

In addition to lenses, a good fit is essential for both comfort and complete eye coverage. Consult our sunglasses sizing guide to find the ideal size for your face.

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