Stan Lee

The extraordinary man himself. Stan Lee is an American comic-book writer, editor, film executive producer, and publisher. He was formerly editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics and later its executive vice president and publisher before leaving the company to become its chairman emeritus, as well as a member of the editorial board.

Without Stan’s fantastically creative mind, we would live in a world without iconic heroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil and Jean Grey, as well as super villains like Green Goblin and Magneto (just to name a few). Stan “The Man” Lee is truly a legend.

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Pom Klementieff

Pom is a French actress known for her recent role as Mantis in the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) and will appear in the same role in the film Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

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Michael Rooker

Michael is an American actor, most recently donning blue skin and a red mohawk as Yondu Udonta in the Guardians of the Galaxy film series.

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The exemplary American rapper, RZA, is a prominent figure in hip hop and most notable the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan. He is also a record producer, musician, actor, filmmaker and author.

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Lou Ferrigno

Lou is an American actor best known for his title role in the television series The Incredible Hulk that started its run in the 1970’s. At 6’5″ it’s clear why he was perfect for the role as one of Stan Lee’s most iconic comic book characters.

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Todd McFarlane

Todd may not be a household name to some, but his work surely is. He is a Canadian-American comic book creator and entrepreneur, best known for his work on The Amazing Spider-Man and the horror-fantasy series Spawn. His collector’s edition Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Spider-Man #1, August 1990) is a true masterpiece.

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Morgan Spurlock

Morgan is an American documentary filmmaker, humorist, television producer, screenwriter, playwright and political activist, best known for the documentary film Super Size Me (2004), which earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

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Up and coming California-based musicians, Esteban Calderón and Griffith Frank, are sure to be on your radio soon. With so much talent and knowledge between them, they’ll need shades to shield their eyes from all the camera flashes.

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Cas Anvar

Cas is a Canadian actor, voice actor, and writer. You may see him in the Syfy science-fiction television series The Expanse.

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