Rooted in heritage, Randolph Engineering offers fans durable and authentic styles. It’s our goal to last the lifetime of your adventures in luxury.

But did you know, not only are Randolphs made to last a lifetime, they’re also responsibly sourced?

From our 23k Gold plating to plant-based acetate, our attention to detail is unrivaled in the industry. Feel good while looking good, and know your Randolphs come from a good place.

The Aviator

Randolph's Flagship Aviator Style.

Aviator in Northern Lights SkyForce Air™ lens and 23k Gold frame

1. Made by American Artisans

From our origins, we’ve supported handcrafted professions. Many of Randolph Engineering’s solderers have worked in the vocation for decades and carry with them a skillset unlike anywhere else in the world.

We’re dedicated to preserving this American artisan job. Today, our industry veterans are teaching new apprentices for the next generation. For example, our experts are able to match the temperature of two metals based on sight alone. Each and every pair of sunglasses also undergoes intense inspection to eliminate any manufacturing-related defects.

Handcrafted to Perfection

50 experts. 6 weeks. 200 steps.

2. Responsibly Sourced & Recycled

Jewelry-quality accessories often come at a cost more than just the price tag. Not everyone knows where their precious materials come from, but we do.

That’s why Randolph Engineering is committed to using 100% conflict-free and partially recycled precious metals. This includes our genuine Gold platings. Browse a unique variety of precious frame metals including layers of rare Rhodium in our White Gold Collection.

Jewelry-quality Metals

Plated at 5x the industry standard.

3. Support Small Family Business

Here in Randolph, Massachusetts, we respect where we come from and reinvent where we’re going. Former Royal Air Force navigator Jan Waszkiewicz and machinist Stanley Zaleski both immigrated to America and founded Randolph Engineering in 1973. We’re a business that leads with our values as a third-generation family-owned company.

Mazzucchelli, our partner of plant-based and world-renowned premium acetate, also shares our same family-oriented, responsibly sourced and artisan values. Each frame in the Fusion Collection is hand-inlaid with Mazzucchelli acetate around the lens and in a variety of color patterns.

Third-Generation Family Business

Providing authentic aviators since 1973

4. Lifetime Guaranteed Solder Joints

There’s nothing more sustainable than a product built to last a lifetime. Randolph sunglasses are made for those whose lives depend on their vision – from Airline Pilots to Military Officers. When you pick them up and put them on, you feel the difference.

Each pair is created with near-indestructible solder joints. Whether you decide to drive over your Randolphs or just sit on them by mistake, they won’t break. That’s why our solder joints are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Bend the frame back into place or sign up for our repair program to have them good as new. Lenses are also eligible for our repair program.

Built to Last a Lifetime.

Or two.

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