Randolphs By My Side with Style Blogger Umbelentini

Randolphs are made for the extraordinary.

For decades, we’ve taken a design built to military specifications and have adapted it for fashionable and adventurous individuals. This time, we’ve met with Italian travel, style and photography blogger, Umberto Leonardo Lentini, and his experience wearing Randolphs on his travels.

“In recent years I have discovered the true value of Made In USA products.”

Umberto Leonardo Lentini

Who is Umbelentini?

Hey Umbelentini! Our followers have probably seen you on our social pages, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! My name is Umberto Leonardo Lentini, from Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy and I’m 26 years old. I love nature, traveling and photography and I have a passion for motorcycles. In particular, the queen of motorcycles, the Harley Davidson. During my free time I devote myself to photography, exploring the natural world for beautiful shots. I have a degree in law and I love going to the courts, especially what concerns criminal law.

What extraordinary sights have you seen through your Randolphs?

That’s awesome! Wow, riding your Harley through Southern Italy wearing your Randolphs must be quite an experience! What extraordinary sight have you seen through your Randolphs?

I have made important trips with my Randolphs. Embedded in the lenses are indelible memories of many special places and events, and they will continue to be with me on my future travels. Places I’ve seen with my Randolphs include: Bologna, Verona, Paris, Milan, Florence, and on my Harley: Tropea (Calabria, Italy), Catania, Palermo and Taormina (Sicily). They are excellent destinations for those who travel by motorcycle with many interesting routes to explore.