Randolphs are made for the extraordinary.

For decades, we’ve taken a design built to military specifications and have adapted it for fashionable and adventurous individuals.

This time, we’ve met with Italian travel, style and photography blogger, Umberto Leonardo Lentini, and his experience wearing Randolphs on his travels.

In recent years I have discovered the true value of Made in the USA.

Who is Umbelentini?

Hey Umbelentini! Our followers have probably seen you on our social pages, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! My name is Umberto Leonardo Lentini, from Reggio Calabria in Southern Italy and I’m 26 years old. I love nature, traveling and photography and I have a passion for motorcycles. In particular, the queen of motorcycles, the Harley Davidson. During my free time I devote myself to photography, exploring the natural world for beautiful shots. I have a degree in law and I love going to the courts, especially what concerns criminal law.

What extraordinary sights have you seen through your Randolphs?

That’s awesome! Wow, riding your Harley through Southern Italy wearing your Randolphs must be quite an experience! What extraordinary sight have you seen through your Randolphs?

I have made important trips with my Randolphs. Embedded in the lenses are indelible memories of many special places and events, and they will continue to be with me on my future travels. Places I’ve seen with my Randolphs include: Bologna, Verona, Paris, Milan, Florence, and on my Harley: Tropea (Calabria, Italy), Catania, Palermo and Taormina (Sicily). They are excellent destinations for those who travel by motorcycle with many interesting routes to explore.

How did you discover Randolph Sunglasses?

You have seen some amazing sights. How did you, living in Italy, first discover Randolph Sunglasses?

I discovered this brand through a friend. Years ago I was wearing a pair of sunglasses and he was wearing his Randolphs, given to him by his uncle in the United States. So he introduced me to the brand, telling me about the quality, and we decided to exchange glasses – I still have them to this day.

What is your favorite style of Randolphs?

What a fantastic story! You have quite the collection now, what is your favorite pair of Randolphs?

I have many different pairs, but my favorite are Aviators because they are so comfortable and very suitable for any adventure! They are a superior choice for everyday use.

How do you style your Randolphs?

You really rock the Aviators. They are our signature style. How do you style your Randolphs?

I don’t follow trends. I create my own unique, quality style. Fashion changes so quickly, but classic quality never goes out of style. Randolphs are a great embellishment to my looks. They work with everything from a suit to sportswear.

What do you do in your spare time?

So we’ve heard about your Harley adventures and your style, what do you get up to in your spare time?

I am currently studying at a forensic law practice that will allow me to practice the profession of lawyer in the future, which is something I have dreamed of since I was a child. I also love playing sports in my free time – it’s fun, keeps me fit and I enjoy it!

What do you love most about Randolphs?

You have so many pairs in your collection now. What do you love most about your Randolphs?

As a collector, I am very knowledgeable about Randolph, and I don’t like to wear just a single pair. In recent years I have discovered the true value of Made in the USA. The love and passion in creating something truly unique, in regards to the material, the details and the high quality. A design element that sets Randolph apart from others is the iconic bayonet temples, designed to slide easily under pilot headphones, helmets and other headgear. I’m sure a genius is hiding behind Randolph designs!

Shop Umberto’s Look:

Aviator in 23k Gold & American Tan

The Aviator in 23k Gold frame and SkyTec-P™ American Tan lens

Aviator in 23k White Gold & Blue Hydro

The Aviator in 23k White Gold and SkyTec™ Blue Hydro lens

The Fusion Aviator in Coastal Gray

The Fusion Aviator with Bright Chrome frame and Coastal Gray SkyForce Air™ lens with Matte Smoke Inlay acetate

Aviator in 23k Gold & Cobalt

The Aviator in 23k Gold frame and SkyTec-P™ Cobalt lens

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