allsport-polarized-lens-seriesRANDOLPH, MA – Randolph Engineering, famed for its Ranger Shooting Systems, is pleased to announce its release of the ALLSport™ Polarized Lens Series for the Ranger XLW™ frame. Now target shooters and hunters can go from the field to the water using the same eyewear, and change their lenses to accommodate every weather condition and activity.

“I have the fortunate task of being one of the testers for new products here”, explains Rick Waszkiewicz, Sales Manager for Randolph. “So, of course I had to evaluate the new polarized lens series while fishing on my canoe. I thoroughly enjoyed the advantage of fishing during a bright sunny day with a nice, dark, polarized lens, then switching to a lighter polarized lens at the tree line and picking up fish on the flats. Where one would need two pairs of sunglasses to do this previously, I only had to switch my lenses. The wrap on the XLW is perfect for blocking side glare from the water’s surface as well as direct sunlight. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I can

now use my one frame for everything under the sun.”

The new ALLSport™ Polarized Lenses will protect your eyes from impact, distracting glare, harmful UV rays, and much more while improving contrast and reducing eye fatigue. They also have an oleophobic coating which resists oil and water to keep your lenses spotless while enjoying your sport of choice.

The series includes the following tints:

  • Copper Polarized

This lens blocks undesirable blue light while improving contrast in other colors. Excellent for shooting targets against a green background on a bright day. Also great for sight fishing.

  • Moss Yellow Polarized

This is an excellent lens for dusk and dawn, overcast conditions, or in shadowed areas. Not recommended for bright conditions. Works well for hunting, target shooting, fishing and cycling.

  • Gray Polarized

This general purpose lens works well in a variety of conditions. It offers absolute true color reception without distortion, and can be worn all day with minimum eye fatigue. It’s ideal for maximum glare reduction in intense sunlight. Works well for driving.

All RE Ranger lenses are made with superior quality polycarbonate for 100% UV protection, outstanding optical clarity, and high impact resistance. Randolph feels so strongly about the quality of their frames, they’ll repair or replace any broken solder joint for the lifetime of the product (assuming normal use).

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Randolph Engineering, Inc., a Massachusetts corporation, was founded in 1972 by two engineers. At inception, the company focused on designing and manufacturing optical tools and machinery for the trade. Today, the company has evolved into a full service business with highly trained engineers and skilled staff. Randolph’s performance eyewear appeals not only to military pilots and active sports enthusiasts, but also to consumers who appreciate Randolph’s distinctive quality,

innovation, and styles. 26 Thomas Patten Drive, Randolph, MA, USA , tel: 781.961.6070 , fax: 781.986.0337,

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