How to Replace Nose Pads on Sunglasses

How to Replace Nose Pads on Sunglasses

A pair of Randolph USA sunglasses is a long-term investment. Once you find a style of #MyRandolphs that complement your style and face you’ve got a set of frames to enjoy for many adventures ahead! Keep your sunglasses fresh by changing out your  silicone nose pads, doing so maintains the high level of comfort, fit and finish that our Randolph customers love from our sunglasses.

How to Change Your Sunglasses Nose Pads

Randolph nose pads are easy to change, but make sure you have good light and are gentle so you don’t bend the metal frame or nose pad arm out of shape - watch the video below for a demonstration.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing your Nose Pads

  1. Make sure you have good light to see what you’re doing.
  2. Gently grip the metal pad arm with your finger-tip or nail.
  3. Use your thumb and index finger to pull the nose-pad away from the frame, starting at the top of the pad.
  4. Support the metal pad arm with your thumb and align the nose pad, gently use your thumb and index finger to push the new nose pad into place - you should feel it ‘click’ into place.

When your new nose pads are installed there should be a little wiggle room in the pad so that they can sit comfortably on your face.

Buy Replacement Nose Pads

You can purchase a pack of 3 sets of Randolph Nose pads on our website under the accessories section, or click the link below.

Why do nose pads need changing?

Over time water, humidity, skin oils and sweat can begin to break down silicone nose pads. This is completely normal as they are made of a natural silicone element - exposure to sunlight may also cause yellowing over long periods of time - so we always recommend keeping your shades safe in a sunglasses case.

What type of nose pads do Randolph Sunglasses have?

The majority of Randolph sunglasses feature push-in non-slip silicone nose pads. Randolph nose pads are made of hypo-allergenic medical-grade silicone. Meaning they’re super durable and unlikely to yellow quickly with normal usage.

The only exceptions to our sunglasses with silicone push-in nose pads are frames featured in our 23k White Gold Collection - these sunglasses feature deluxe titanium nose pads - they’re cooler to the touch and titanium nose pads never need changing.

What is a push-in nose pad? Well, it’s exactly as it sounds. Randolph push-in nose pads are mode of soft, elongated oval shaped silicone crafted with a strong plastic base and a clip that pushes directly into the sunglasses metal pad arm - they push into place and click in securely.

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