How to clean your sunglasses

How To Clean Your Sunglasses.

It's quicker and easier than you think! Just 2 minutes can make a world of difference!

Everyone's glasses and sunglasses get a little dirty every now and again. Finger prints, dust, dirt - that's life! But this buildup of dirt, grease and residue might be hindering your vision. Learn how to quickly and easily clean your sunglasses and optical glasses with one simple ingredient you've probably already got in your home!

Step 1.
Rinse Your Sunglasses

To prepare your sunglasses for cleaning, hold them under a steady stream of cool, fresh water.

Step 2.
Soap Up Your Sunglasses

Apply a small amount of regular household dish soap to the lenses and spread evenly with your fingertips.

Do not use abrasive chemicals or anything that contains alcohol as this can break down the lens coatings such as our VECTOR™ Anti-Reflection that stops bounce-back glare.


Step 3.
Lather Up Your Lenses

Next, move your fingertips in little circles to create a gentle soapy lather on the lenses. This will break down any dirt and oils on the lenses.

Don't forget to get right into the corners, both front and back!

Step 4.
Wash Off Your Sunglasses

Again, using fresh, clean, cool water generously wash all of the soap suds and residue off the front and back of your clean lenses.


Step 6.
Shake Them Dry

To get rid of excess water, give your sunglasses a good shake. A quick dab with a gentle towel can work too!


Step 7.
Polish Your Lenses

Finally, use your polishing cloth to buff up your lenses - again, making sure your get right into every corner with your fingertips.


You're Done!

That's it! Explore the outdoors and enjoy your fresh, clean lenses!


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