How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

What's the difference between Polarized and Non-Polarized Sunglasses? Find out now.

Polarized sunglasses are the premier choice for outdoor enthusiasts, and those who live their lives on the water fishing, boating and anyone else who demands the clearest vision from their sunglasses.

The main benefit of polarized lenses is that they reduce glare. The effect of glare is created when sunlight reflects off a flat surface and the light is reflected in every direction. Normal tinted sunglass lenses do not block glare, they only reduce the brightness of horizontal and vertical light.

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How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?

Polarized lenses mitigate glare by using a chemical film either applied to or embedded in the lenses. The chemical filter on polarized sunglasses removes glare by absorbing the incoming horizontal light, while still allowing vertical light. What we perceived as glare is usually reflected horizontal light. The horizontal light that creates the effect of glare is absorbed and nullified by the chemical film on polarized lenses. The lenses only allow in vertical light, acting as a chemical venetian blind.


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Polarized Aviators

Polarized sunglasses are nearly essential for boaters and fishermen, because of the intense glare created by light reflecting off the water. However, they are also very helpful for outdoorsman, athletes, golfers, bikers, and anyone else who spends a lot of time outdoors. Additionally, polarized lenses help reduce eye stress for professional drivers who spend many hours on the road; light reflecting off the road and other cars can cause the effect of glare.

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