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We caught up with @FlyWithSusy, an inspirational mom whose 9-5 is spent up above the clouds in a cockpit wearing #MyRandolphs, representing women in a career where approximately only 8% of commercial pilots are female.

Who is FlyWithSusy?

Q: Hey FlyWithSusy! Please tell us a little about who you are and what you do.

A: My name is Susanna, I was born in Göteborg, Sweden, but live in Belgium since 2014. I work as a pilot and fly Airbus 319/320 all over Europe & Northern Africa.

What inspired you to become a pilot?

Q: We love anyone who goes against the grain, and with only 8% of commercial pilots being female, we'd love to know what inspired you?

A: I grew up in the 80s with Star Wars, and Han Solo was my biggest hero, I am pretty sure that was the start of it. I have always been fascinated by aviation and space, and the first time I visited flight deck I made up my mind, “this is what I want to do!”.

I started my pilot training in 2001 when I was 23 years old and finished it 2002. It was a difficult time for the aviation industry so I spent a few years working on the ground, I took my flight instructor license and worked at Flight ops for a company that I later, in 2007, started flying for. I flew the Avro RJ until 2014 for a few different companies and switched to Airbus in 2018. My next natural step would be to continue on long haul and Airbus 330 or an upgrade to the left seat.

How's life as a pilot/mom?

Q: Not only are you a pilot, but you're a mom too! How does your work life fit with looking after your daughter?

A: It is not always easy! Olivia’s father is also a pilot, so we’re both away quite a lot. We do have an amazing nanny, who takes care of Olivia when both of us are flying. Olivia is old enough to understand that I go away flying for a few days, she accepts it, but of course but she is very happy when I am home. The benefit of the pilot job is that I am 100% free after landing, and I give all my attention to my daughter on those days. She also loves to travel and is the easiest 4 year old traveler you can imagine.

Are you raising a pilot-in-the-making?

Q: Do you think Olivia will follow in her parents shoes and become a pilot, too?

A: I really try to stay neutral and not to influence her at all, I want her to feel that she can do/be whatever she wants, but of course, we’re constantly talking aviation at home and she is already completely obsessed with it. If she wants to be a pilot I will support her 100%, as with any other dream she might have.

How long have you been wearing #MyRandolphs?

Q: We've seen you rocking a few different pairs of Randolph sunglasses on your Instagram page, how long have you been wearing our shades?

A: I knew Randolph existed for many many years, as they’re quite well known in both civil and military aviation. I started wearing mine in 2021 and been wearing them every day since, and I will continue to wear them as long as I can.

What's your go-to pair of Randolph sunglasses?

Q: We know you love the classic teardrop aviator shaoe, do you have a go-to style?

A: I love the Concorde model! I have a few different ones, one pair of black non-polarized for flying, they’re very light and not too dark, they’re perfect for flight deck. I use my other polarized Concordes with mirrored lenses for my free time. I have them in Rose Gold and a Gold Mirror, and I’m looking for blue or brown lenses next.

Why do you choose Randolphs over other sunglasses?

Q: When it comes to your sunglasses, what is most important to you? As a pilot, and in your daily life.

A: The first thing I look at is the style of course, I love the classic pilot design (Concorde or Amelia) but you realize very quickly when wearing sunglasses at work that quality is crucial.

At work it’s important that they are comfortable to wear under my headset, that the lenses are not too dark and non-polarized, I also like them to be big enough for maximum coverage. Privately I care a bit more about the look, I love the colored lenses with the 23k Gold frame, and I match them with my outfits.

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What extraordinary sights have you seen wearing your Randolphs?

Q: When you're not in the cockpit, what have you seen with #MyRandolphs?

A: I see extraordinary sights every single day at work! I went flying with a friend in Switzerland last year in a small plane, we flew close to the French Alps and Mont Blanc, that was absolutely amazing. I also went to the Maldives earlier this year and went for a sunset dolphin cruise, that was very special.

What makes #MyRandolphs unique to you?

Q: As a pilot, you probably use your sunglasses more than most, what's special about your Randolph sunglasses?

A: The quality is absolutely fantastic! During a flight I take them on and off several times, without putting them back in the case, they’re still scratch free and look brand new. I always try to be careful though, since I want them to last for many years and flights.

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