Engineered For Expression: Randolph Invites You to Ignite Your Best Self


Randolph Invites You to Ignite Your Best Self

From the beginning, Randolph has worked with passion and determination to create expertly engineered, hand-crafted eyewear that exceeds the expectations of the world’s toughest critics: pilots, naval aviators and astronauts. Three generations later, we’re still proudly handcrafting our eyewear in the United States, working with the same grit and determination as our founders did, but now with a renewed sense of purpose—empowering you to ignite the best version of yourself.


Randolph USA Sunglasses, Engineered for Expression.

The Brand Evolution Starts Now

Bold, fashion-forward, inspiring and elevated, we pivot towards empowerment and self-expression. Randolph is for those who define and redefine originality—always evolving, always improving and always staying true to themselves. Our hallmarks of craftsmanship, engineering, quality and customer service remain unwavering, as we focus on our deep commitment to inspire all people to feel the power of their convictions, connect with others, see the world differently, and experience the extraordinary.

Radically True to the Spirit of Randolph

We harness the spirit of the moment when a perfectly designed pair of eyewear meets their perfect owner—unlocking inner courage and confidence. It starts with each carefully considered step of the engineering process and evolves into the unmatched magic that helps express who you’ve always known you are. It’s about moving through life with a quiet confidence. It’s about finding the courage within you on the days you need it most. It’s about standing for the uncommon and the unexpected. Because seeing the world a little differently isn’t just what you do—it’s who you are.

Inviting You to Stay Courageous

With our evolved vision and sense of purpose, we invite you along for the journey. Stay courageous, make the daring choices—and be true to your own story. Randolph is your partner in self-expression, joining you as you take flight and stay unapologetically true to yourself.

Because ordinary was never fun anyway.



About Randolph Engineering, Inc.

Family owned and operated since 1973. Randolph's mission is to provide the best sunglass ownership experience in the world, through uncompromised quality, exceptional customer service and impeccable engineering. Each frame is made by hand at Randolph’s Massachusetts facility in 200 steps and over 6 weeks to create their signature style and comfort. For over 40 years, Randolph has also provided the US Military with military-spec Aviators, a contract they still hold today. Made by the extraordinary for the extraordinary.

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