Cobalt vs Atlantic: Compare Two Blue Mirrored Sunglasses

UPDATED: MAY 09, 2023

Cobalt vs Atlantic: Compare Two Blue Mirrored Sunglasses


Many fans have worn Randolphs for a lifetime, and others have newly discovered us. Either way, all Randolph fans recognize our blue sunglasses.

Did you know Atlantic Blue Aviators are the most popular style of Randolphs? From Alaska to the Caribbean, these sunglasses have traveled the world.

The Cobalt Blue Collection is our latest polarized blue style, released early summer of 2019. These two lenses, Atlantic Blue and Cobalt Blue, have many similarities but also important differences.

Cobalt Blue Sunglasses

The Aviator & Concorde in Cobalt Blue, shown in Matte Chrome & 23k Gold


Cobalt Blue captures a more natural and deeper shade of ocean blue. This blue touches on the green spectrum, but is certainly still a blue hue. This sunglasses lens color is similar to some dark shades of azure blue or ultramarine blue and gives a more tropical vibe when compared to the Atlantic Blue because it is engineered with Randolph’s AGX Green lens beneath a blue coating.

 Men's Aviator Sunglasses. Cobalt Lenses and Matte Chrome Frame Men's Aviator Sunglasses. Matte Black Frame Finish and Cobalt Blue lenses.
Mens Sunglasses. 23k Gold Concorde with Cobalt Blue Lenses 23k White Gold Round Sunglasses. Cobalt Blue Lenses

Atlantic Blue Sunglasses


Atlantic Blue offers a very bright and pure blue hue, similar to royal blue or Egyptian blue. The blue in this lens is a rich electric color, and while some royal blues can appear purple, this one is vividly blue. The color truly stands out with a unique, bold hue behind a contemporary reflective-style lens.

Men's Aviator Sunglasses. Randolph USA AVIATOR - 23K GOLD & ATLANTIC BLUE Aviator Men's Bestselling Sunglasses. Aviator II - Matte Chrome & Atlantic Blue Lenses
Men's Best Selling Rectangle Aviator Sunglasses. Archer Matte Chrome & Atlantic Blue  Amelia - Women's Authentic Aviators

Atlantic Blue vs Cobalt Blue

Both the Atlantic and Cobalt sunglasses lenses have a stunning blue hue. These lenses are also both mirrored, following a very flashy recent eyewear trend. When wearing either of these sunglasses, you’ll reflect back at the world around you through a multi-layered flash coating for a full-mirrored effect.

However, these two lenses are made with different lens technologies. Atlantic Blue is made with non-polarized SkyForce™, a hypoallergenic lite lens material for a lighter, more comfortable weight and high scratch resistance. The Cobalt Blue lens is made with polarized SkyTec-P™, a mineral glass lens with heavier material and the same feel as a camera lens. Both proprietary lens technologies far exceed the quality of most sunglasses brands, especially those using polycarbonate lenses.

For most, the main difference between these lenses comes down to the shade of blue.

Cobalt Blue

Learn about our new Cobalt Blue lens by watching the review below.

Shade Review is the most watched sunglasses review channel on YouTube and has released an objective review on Randolph’s new Cobalt Blue lens.

How to Choose: Cobalt or Atlantic?

If you prefer a more tropical color and mineral glass lens, go for Cobalt Blue. If you prefer a more vibrant color and a Randolph flagship style with lightweight lenses, try Atlantic Blue. The benefits of blue lenses will enhance your viewing pleasure all year long.

For those who care most about a non-polarized vs polarized lens, your choice is simpler. Polarized lenses are best for general purpose sunglasses while pilots tend to wear non-polarized while flying.

More Blue Sunglasses

The Atlantic Blue and Cobalt Blue have many similarities, but they aren’t Randolph’s only two blue sunglasses.

If you need more help, check out our post on how to choose the color of your lens. We offer many shades of blues, greens, grays, browns, pinks and more. We’re always coming out with new lens options for you to update your unique aviator collection.

Blue Lens Sunglasses for Men and Women


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