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UPDATED: MAY 09, 2023

What Are The Benefits Of Blue Lenses?

Already a staple in Johnny Depp’s wardrobe, experience the difference of blue lenses feature across Randolph eyewear.

Blue Lens Benefits

What are blue sunglasses good for? There’s no doubt that the look is fashion friendly. In addition, some studies show blue lenses can have a calming effect on the eyes. The blue tint enhances contours around objects and reduces glare. This ease in viewing experience invokes less stress on the eye for longer time wear. Wearing them while on the water will help increase the natural blues of the ocean and sky in any conditions.

While all Randolph lenses are 100% defensive against UVA/UVB, they also provide a neutral all-purpose tint for any condition. Whether in harsh sunlight or hazy weather, our mirrored Atlantic Blue SkyForce™ Lenses are our most popular lenses and make for the ultimate travel companion for a blue sky lens every day. Our Northern Lights SkyForce™ Lenses contains a blue outer coating with a tan base gradient. The outer coating is a slightly less reflective coating than the Atlantic Blue, and best suited for occasions in moderate sunlight year-round.

Protection from blue light

Randolph sunglasses also include protection from blue light. With Blue Wave™ technology, each SkyTec™ lens reduces eye strain, improves sleep patterns and increases overall visual acuity. Our lenses protect your eyes from potentially harmful ‘blue’ and High Energy Visible (HEV) light, that can potentially cause macular degeneration and eye damage.

Protection from Infrared light

Randolph glass lenses also provide additional protection from Infrared Rays (commonly known as Heat Radiation or heat Waves) that can potentially cause dry eye conditions or tired eyes.

Get Aviator Sunglasses in Blue Lenses

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“Good enough for fighter pilots, good enough for us.”

Water Resistance

Speaking of water, besides the optimal clarity that comes with wearing glass lenses, these styles boast a hydrophobic lens coating. Hydrophobic simply defined means water repellent.

The Vector™ Optical Coating is proprietary multi-layer coating is applied to each lens to block harmful reflected light and ‘bounce-back’ glare from entering your eye from behind. VECTOR™ reduces eye-strain and improves visual acuity with the added benefit of built-in hydrophobic, anti-static, and scratch-resistant properties. The specially designed coating facilitates run-off of water droplets from the lens surface. This allows the wearer a less distorted view when wearing them around water or in the rain.

The coating also lends itself to the aid of cleaning your glasses making it quicker and easier to remove smudges. Starting in 2018, every pair of Randolphs comes with a microfiber sleeve to both clean your lenses to perfection, and carry them with you everywhere you go. If you ever need to wash your lenses, be sure to use either water with a drop of soap detergent or a lens-specific cleaning solution, as household glass cleaners contain chemicals that may strip the coatings off over time.

Why not have a blue sky every day?

Blue Tint Lenses

Randolph offers a wide range of high optical clarity lenses. Check out all our best blue tinted lenses!

See our blue lenses by color below ad then match them to the perfect frame to fit your style.

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