The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


Have no fear, Randolph is here to help you find the perfect Randolph sunglasses to flatter your face shape!

First, determine what kind of face shape you have by reading the descriptions below. Then check out our recommended styles in any of our jewelry quality frame finishes and sleek, stylish lens options. Want to get your perfect match right away? Check out our perfect frame quiz!


Square face shapes have a strong, prominent jaw line, square chin and broad forehead.


Try our P3, The Hawk, Concorde and Raptor. Round glasses like the P3 will help create a less rigid element to your face. The Hawk, also being a more rounded take on our Concorde, will present the same look while also helping to lengthen square shaped faces. The classic teardrop shape of the Concorde will also work to contrast your face shape. Oval shapes like our Raptor frame will add contour to your sharp features.

Sunglasses for Square-Shaped Face


Heart face shapes have a broader forehead and narrower jawline and chin.


Try our P3, The Hawk, Amelia, Concorde and Aviator. Round styles like the P3 will help soften a broader forehead. The Hawk and Amelia are both modified Concorde designs that will accentuate your cheekbones. That being said, a well-fitted Concorde or Aviator (52 or 57mm) will have the same effect for heart-shaped faces.

Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

Want to get your perfect match right away?

Check out our perfect frame quiz!

Photo: @tysevere


Oval face shapes have narrow, balanced features, often highlighted by high cheekbones.


Lucky you, you have what we call a “face for sunglasses.” Most styles will work for oval-shaped faces, so why not try them all? We recommend starting with a versatile square frame like an Aviator or Intruder. On the other hand, you can also pull off more trendy round frames like the P3 or P3 Shadow.

Note: If you have a particularly long face, the Concorde may make your face look longer. Try a modified version like The Hawk or Amelia.

Sunglasses for Oval-Shaped Faces

Photo: @taylorrick_


Round face shapes have a soft, circular shape where the width and length are almost equal.


Try our Aviator, Intruder, Concorde and P3 Shadow. To contrast your more rounded features, sharp squarer shapes, such as the Aviator and Intruder, will help your face appear longer and slimmer. The tear drop shape of the Concorde will create a similar lengthening appearance. For the more daring, try the P3 Shadow. It is a round style, however, the addition of a prominent brow bar adds an angular element that will work for your face shape as well.

Sunglasses for Circular-Shaped Faces


Triangle face shapes have wide jaw lines and narrow foreheads.


Choose styles that draw attention away from the width of the jaw line to help the face appear longer and slimmer. Classic aviator sunglasses are perfect for also helping this face shape appear to have a wider forehead thanks to the added brow bar. Try our Aviator or Concorde for classic styles steeped in heritage. Women can try Randolph’s feminine style, Noyes, which offers a very flattering lens for this face shape. Men may also like to try the Intruder, which has a larger lens than the Aviator and also helps emphasize the forehead.

Sunglasses for Triangular-Shaped Faces

What makes Randolph sunglasses a perfect fit for your face shape?

  • You Deserve the Best, US Military pilots and NASA astronauts wear them so why shouldn’t you?

  • Modern Classic Eye Shapes, no matter how many pairs of glasses you own, we have a feeling you’ll be reaching for your Randolphs more often than not.

  • A Wide Spectrum of Lens Colors, curate your eyewear to match your mood and surroundings.

  • Made by Hand with Love & Care, each pair is unique just like you.

  • Guaranteed for Life because we stand by our handiwork.

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