Tom Cruise & His Sunglasses: Made in America Through the Decades

Are you looking for the REAL Top Gun sunglasses?

It’s no secret Tom Cruise is a fan of Randolph Engineering. Randolphs are chosen by real pilots for our military-grade quality. We’re worn by those who seek quality eyewear — as if their lives depend on it.

Since 1973, we’ve precision engineered our eyewear through drop testing and exposure to extreme environments. Our lenses are crafted with Skytec™ lens technology so you can see through your best perspective from the shores to the skies.

Not to mention — we’re entirely made in America. We are the last standing metal eyewear manufacturer, and we’re proud to be here for our extraordinary fans.

Tom Cruise has a history with his Randolphs, and has worn both our flagship Aviators and teardrop Concordes over the decades.

Mission Impossible: Fallout Premiere – Tom Cruise in Concordes

The teardrop shape pays homage to WWII pilots. This was the first sunglasses shape worn by American military pilots, and has remained as an iconic aviator trend ever since. Our Concorde style captures this shape, named after the supersonic passenger airliner invented in 1976.

In Concorde sunglasses, Tom Cruise walks to the world premiere in Paris for his latest movie, Mission Impossible: Fallout, just beside the Eiffel Tower.

Tom Cruise in Randolph Concordes in Bright Chrome and Gray Polarized Glass SKU: CR073 | Randolph Engineering

(July 2018. Source: @wendiandnicole)

He’s also seen wearing his Randolphs throughout the day during the Seoul Mission Impossible: Fallout premiere as well, taking pictures with fans and fellow celebrities.

On the Set for American Made – Tom Cruise in Randolph Aviators

Our flagship product, the Aviators, are designed for pilots and worn by tastemakers alike. They’ve surpassed rigid military-spec standards and have been standard issue since 1978. This style is both battle tested and suitable for the most rigorous demands, and are a superior choice for everyday use.

Tom Cruise is often spotted casually sporting his Randolph Aviators — and his co-stars take notice. While filming American Made, Tom Cruise is seen in his Aviators both on the set and in the movie, and he gains attention for them in a curious exchange.

Tom Cruise in Randolph Aviators on the set for American Made. | Randolph Engineering

(May 2015. Source: Just Jared)

Tom Cruise in Randolph Aviators on the set for American Made. | Randolph Engineering

(May 2015 Source: Just Jared)

While on set preparing for his new film, American Made (first titled Mena), Tom Cruise told his former co-star, Charlotte Riley, “Anything I have, you’re going to get as well.”

In response she asked, “Great. Do we get your sunglasses as well?”

Tom replied, “I told you, what’s mine is yours,” offering the pair of Randolph Aviators he was wearing.

This isn’t the first time Randolph Aviators have been passed from one icon to the next in American pop culture. Some fans might remember from the recent Netflix rom-com, Set It Up, a pinnacle scene where Randolph Aviators are coveted during a pool party.

Of course, remember you can have your pair engraved — just in case you’re sure you won’t be giving them away.

Oblivion – Tom Cruise in Aviators

Not only is Tom Cruise spotted wearing Randolphs in his free time, his characters often wear them in movies. Tom Cruise’s character wears Randolph Aviator Sunglasses in the film Oblivion.

This post-apocalyptic science fiction movie shows character Jack Harper played Tom Cruise wearing classic Randolph Aviators in both the ‘New York’-era and in the ‘future’-era of the film.

Tom Cruise wears Randolph Aviators in Oblivion. | Randolph Engineering

(2013. Source: TomCruiseForever)

1992 Interview After A Few Good Men – Tom Cruise in Randolph Aviators

Going back decades, Tom Cruise has paid homage to our made-in-America brand.

In an interview by Trish Deitch Toher in Entertainment Weekly from December of 1992, Tom describes his upbringing, Hollywood ambitions and his superhuman drive to always do his best.

Tom Cruise in Entertainment Weekly interview in 1992. | Randolph Engineering

(Deitch Toher, Trish. “Tom Cruise Earnest Goes To the Movies.” Entertainment Weekly New York City December 1992 Published: 20-25. Print.)

Tom Cruise wears Randolph Aviators in 1992 interview for Entertainment Weekly. | Randolph Engineering

(Deitch Toher, Trish. “Tom Cruise Earnest Goes To the Movies.” Entertainment Weekly New York City December 1992 Published: 20-25. Print.)

How can we tell he’s wearing Randolphs?

Our Aviators are designed with bayonet temples to fit perfectly under a pilot’s helmet.

That’s the level of detail and quality that’s earned us extraordinary fans.

We will always pay homage to where we come from, and reinvent where we’re going. It’s no surprise we’ve earned the attention of like-minded Americans.

It’s always a privilege to see Randolphs worn by celebrities. It means we’re on the radar of today’s leaders.

But we’re just as honored to be worn by pilots who understand our value, and by so many everyday fans. That’s because we know you wear Randolphs to fit your lifestyle — engineered to last a lifetime or two, crafted entirely by hand for quality.

Thank you to all our fans for bringing us on your journey.


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