Sunglasses for Athletes: Skiers, Golfers & More

When sunglasses are standard issue for U.S. military pilots, you know they’re built for durability, reliability, and adventure. Those same features make them the perfect match for athletes who refuse to compromise when it comes to their gear.

Randolph sunglasses are built for the extraordinary. Our lenses are made with proprietary SkyTec™ lens technology, for optimal clarity. All lenses are distortion free with anti-reflective coating and 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Every pair of Randolph sunglasses comes with a lifetime guarantee on the solder joints. They’re tough to break, but if they do, we’ll replace them. Randolph shades provide superior clarity and durability, whether you’re skimming over the water or summiting your favorite mountain.

While you’re outdoors, you also need supreme eye protection. Polarized lenses cut the glare off bright snow and reflective water. Meanwhile, full UVA/UVB protection blocks the sun’s harshest rays. Premium lenses like those from Randolph also protect from blue light created by the sun and today’s electronic screens.

Sunglasses for Athletes

Randolph sunglasses are perfect for the outdoors. Below you’ll find hand-picked frames for many of today’s most popular sports.

Mountain Climbers

The higher you climb, the harsher the UV radiation. Protect your vision with the Archer or the classic Aviators, and pay attention to the lens tint you select.

For example, the optional gray tint worn by military pilots and NASA astronauts provides true color reception without distortion—a crucial feature when reaching for your next crag. The tan tint is great for depth perception. Consider finding a pair with cable temples so that your frames wrap around the back of your ear. When you’re packing your harness and rope, don’t forget eyewear is just as essential.


Skiing means snow, and snow creates harsh, blinding glare that could ruin your run on the powder. While many skiers wear goggles for gliding down hills despite the elements, downtime on the slopes and moments in between call for essential eyewear as well.

In addition to polarization to cut through excessive glare, you want your sunglasses to block extra white light from slipping over your cheekbones or temples. When wearing a hat or helmet, many pairs of sunglasses can feel like they’re in the way. You will need sunglasses that slide comfortably underneath, which means you need the bayonet temple design. The contours on the Concorde make it a great start, but you should also consider the Intruder.


From the road to the trails, focus on the Archer and the Raptor. Low weight and exceptional durability mean you can concentrate on the hills while keeping your head up.

Polarization and UVA/UVB protection frees you to spend hours on your bike without worrying about eye fatigue.


You may have heard that our frames were worn in the 2017 Baywatch movie by guys like Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. Something about our shades makes them look great on the water.

Don’t let the water and its harsh reflections interfere with your performance. Get polarization and anti-reflective features from the Aviator II and Concorde to handle the water without worry. Your sturdy frames are also corrosion-resistant, so you’re protected even if your sunglasses drop into the water.


Randolph sunglasses will be your perfect companion on the green. Standing in the sun for hours at a time calls for durable, lasting eyewear to bring on your day trips time and time again.

Not to mention, they’ll look great with the rest of your outfit. A perfect combination is to balance your aviators with chinos and a simple polo. For your ideal pair of Randolphs, check out the Concorde, Intruder, or Sportsman. Maybe the clarity behind premium eyewear will be what it takes to shave off a few strokes.

Off-Road Motorsports

When navigating an ATV over a fallen log or a dirt bike up a steep trail, you need your vision to be as clear as it is on the highway. Keeping your vision unobscured—and your eyes fresh—for hours at a time demands rugged frames like the Archer or classic Aviators.

The premium finishes make it easy to clear away splattered mud since our proprietary SkyTec™ lens technology contains lens coatings that are repel oil and dirt.

Find the Perfect Fit

We’ve recommended some frames for each sport, but you should check our guide on facial shapes and beards to ensure your frames will suit your style. Once you have your style picked, remember to wear your shades year-round, as the sun’s harsh rays can damage your eyes even in cold weather. Randolph sunglasses are built to last.

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