Jewelry-Quality Mother’s Day Gifts: Amelia, Noyes, Thaden & Cecil Aviators

Jewelry-quality. Responsibly sourced. Guaranteed to last a lifetime. Or two.

Randolph Engineering is committed to providing fashionable American-made sunglasses to fans around the world.

This year, we’ve paid special attention to designer women’s aviators. Our three latest frames, Noyes, Thaden and Cecil, preceded by Amelia, take a nod to current fashion trends through handcrafted quality and a history of classic design and technical engineering.

Built in over 200 steps, jewelry-quality Randolphs are unrivaled. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to pick out a pair of lifetime guaranteed sunglasses for Mom.

This is eyewear that determines the future of trends in all eyewear…

Amelia: Best Sunglasses for Elegant Moms

The Amelia, named after Amelia Earhart, joined our legacy in 2015. This frame gives the classic teardrop shape first worn by WWII pilots an elegant appeal. The lens provides full coverage with a wrapped curve to withstand conditions. Available in non-polarized, this style contains real-deal aviator features in a feminine style, bringing a new sophisticated look to timeless aviator frames.

Choose from a 22k Chocolate Gold or 22k Rose Gold frame with unique Mazzucchelli acetate temple tips for each. Randolph lenses are made with proprietary technology in hues of Cape Sand brown, Harvest pink, Northern Lights blue, and Rose Gold color.

Thaden: Best Sunglasses for Moms with Small Faces

Aviators were first invented to provide full coverage around the eyes. While the teardrop and navigator shapes went on to inspire a variety of unique full coverage designs, some fans might feel large frames aren’t quite their style. That’s why Thaden was engineered to resemble the same classic teardrop shape admired in past styles, but in a size to fit petite faces.

This is our most universal style to fit small female faces, seconded by our gender-neutral Hawk. Our long-time fans might recognize this shape and size as very similar to our retried style, Crew Chief II. Choose from a Satin Silver, 23k Gold or 22k Chocolate Gold Satin frame along with non-polarized Northern Lights blue flash, Slate blue gradient, or AGX green proprietary lens.

Noyes: Best Sunglasses for Moms with Unique Style

Noyes doesn’t follow common Randolph conventions. While Randolph’s flagship Aviator contains a navigator style and the Concorde a teardrop style, the Noyes brings something new to the table. With a circular lens shape, the curved brow bar on this frame gives a balanced personality. Unlike other Randolph styles, the nose bridge is straight to contrast a “raised brow” look.

Choose this aviator for Moms who love styles with fun personality. This pair is offered with frame technology plated at 5 times the industry standard in 22k Blush Gold, 22k Champagne Gold and Satin Silver frames. Pair your choice with non-polarized proprietary Cape Sand brown gradient, Evergreen gradient, or Rose Gold flash lens.

Cecil: Best Sunglasses for Moms with Bold Style

Oversized square sunglasses have made a come back from the 70s. This time period was right at Randolph’s inception as “Jackie O” Kennedy, first woman to John F. Kennedy, sported the oversized style. Cecil is for women who enjoy throwback fashion and admire jewelry-quality eyewear. The style takes a nod towards “bug eye” sunglasses offering a chic shape to Randolph aviators for women. With a single straight nose bridge and no brow bar, these sunglasses make a statement: They’re as sturdy as they are bold.

Cecil is offered in 22k Blush Gold, 22k Champagne Gold and Satin Silver frames, all with soft Mazzucchelli acetate temple tips. Pair your frame with non-polarized Cape Sand brown gradient, Slate blue gradient or Rose Gold flash proprietary lenses.

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2 replies on “Jewelry-Quality Mother’s Day Gifts: Amelia, Noyes, Thaden & Cecil Aviators

  • Donna

    Dear Randolph,
    I have the most beautiful pair of optical glasses made by you. They are soft-muted, vibrant rose. When I first tried them on, I thought they were way too bright. My opticians thought they really looked stunning on me, and my family agreed. I purchased them and love them. I wear them every day even on the days I might wear to work another pair of eyewear for change of color.

    They are made of metal. Wording is a bit worn off on the inside frames so I can’t say much more.

    They are 3 years old, and I love them. I would love another pair in another color.
    I don’t see them online, and I am wondering if you make non-sun glasses in a variety of colors.

    • Sarah Fawle

      Hi Donna, we’re so glad to hear you enjoy your sunglasses. We work to build on perfection and engineer sunglasses for a lifetime. Thank you for being a fan!


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