Men’s Journal Compares Randolph Sunglasses in “Summer’s Hottest Shades of Blue”

Randolph Engineering is often recognized for our shades of blue. The Atlantic Blue Aviator is our most popular style, but there’s more where that came from.

From the skies to the oceans and through the urban jungle, fans wear Randolphs to capture a perspective unlike any other. That’s why Men’s Journal recently featured Randolph for our blue lens hues, including several brand new lens options released in the summer of 2019.

The benefits of blue lenses are far reaching and those with an adventurous spirit will find the blue that fits them best.

“If you want the finest sunglasses made, with quality you can see and feel, check out Randolph USA.”

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Atlantic Blue

Electric “true blue” with a gray outlook from the wearer.

Atlantic Blue sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Cobalt Blue

Tropical marine blue with an AGX green outlook from the wearer.


Stormy lagoon blue with a gray outlook from the wearer.

Blue Hydro

Soft light blue with a matching light blue outlook from the wearer.

Blue Hyrdro sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Mystic Blue

Brilliant baby blue with a gray outlook from the wearer.

Northern Lights

Complex flash blue with a tan gradient outlook from the wearer.

Northern Lights sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Randolph Aviator Styles

Superior Lens Technology

Proprietary lens technology paired with jewelry-quality metals.

“Good enough for fighter pilots, good enough for us.”

How to Compare Blue Sunglasses? 4 Ways

1. Your Choice of Blue

Certain shades of blue might fit your style perfectly. Cobalt Blue offers a deep tropical color for those who love beach styles. Acadian offers a more lagoon blue for a shadier blue/green style. Atlantic Blue is a “true blue” with an electric undertone. Depending on your personal taste, each color can have a place in your Aviator collection. Compare Cobalt and Atlantic Blue, two of our most popular lens colors.

2. Mirrored vs Gradient

Most blue sunglasses offer either a mirrored outer reflection or a gradient hue, but we’ve also got one that features both! Mirrored sunglasses are fashionable and popular while gradient sunglasses are timeless in style. The Atlantic Blue, Cobalt Blue, Mystic Blue and Acadian lenses are all multi-layer mirrored which gives a full-mirrored effect. Slate and Blue Hydro are gradient lenses. Some lenses, including our Northern Lights, combine both features for a flash mirror style on top of a tan gradient base

Find Blue Lenses

Authentic aviator sunglasses

Respect where you come from. Reinvent where you’re going.

3. The Percentage of Visual Light Transmission

Randolph’s blue sunglasses offer among the best protection from the sun. In addition to protecting the health of your eyes, the Visual Light Transmission (VLT) of each lens is a percentage that tells you how much light is visually allowed through the lens. Blue Hydro has one of the highest VLT percentages at 39% while AGX has one of the lowest VLT percentages at 10%. This means Blue Hydro lets in significantly more light than AGX.

4. SkyTec™, SkyForce™ &  SkyForce Air™ Lenses

Randolph offers three types of lenses: SkyForce™, SkyForce Air™ and SkyTec™. Randolph’s SkyTec™ mineral glass lenses are designed to meet very high standards with drop ball testing and reach an optical quality comparable to a professional camera lens. SkyForce™ and SkyForce Air™ lenses are made with a lightweight hypoallergenic material and are also highly durable and scratch resistant, but a much lighter weight for daily convenience. The difference between these two lenses are that SkyForce™ offers a solid color lens while SkyForce Air™ offers a gradient view, lighter at the bottom and darker at the top.

Randolph Signature Styles

Choosing your lens is just the first step. The jewelry-quality metals used in Randolph frames come in many varieties, and are offered in several Aviator styles to fit your face shape.

Check out the following popular styles and customize them to make your ultimate travel companion.

Atlantic Blue Aviator

The Aviator in Atlantic Blue and Matte Chrome

Blue Hydro P3

The P3 in Blue Hydro and White Gold

The P3 in White Gold and Blue Hyrdo Lens. | Randolph Engineering

Cobalt Blue Concorde

The Concorde in Cobalt Blue and 23k Gold

Do you wear blue Randolphs?

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Get Your Blue Lenses

Randolph offers a wide range of high optical clarity blue lenses.

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