Compare Randolph’s Top 3 Lenses: AGX Green, American Tan & American Gray

Here at Randolph Engineering, we continually build on perfection. Our fans expect the best and we engineer our frames to last a lifetime.

That’s why our lens technology takes a step above the rest. Pilots around the world rely on their Randolphs, so we work to meet the needs of those who seek optical superiority. With these enhancements, we’ve also released a variety of lens colors, but the classics remain: AGX, American Tan and American Gray.

Green, brown and gray are the most popular lens colors among sunglasses wearers. So how do you choose the right one for your unique perspective?

Good enough for fighter pilots, good enough for us.

Green, Brown or Gray Sunglass Lens?

AGX Green Sunglass Lens

AGX Green Concorde

The Concorde with AGX SkyTec-P™ Lens and 23k Gold Frame

American Tan Sunglass Lens

American Tan Concorde

The Concorde with American Tan SkyTec-P™ Lens and 23k Gold Frame

American Gray Sunglass Lens

American Gray Concorde

The Concorde with American Gray SkyTec-P™ Lens and 23k Gold Frame

Sunglass Lenses for Driving

Did you know green, brown and gray are the most recommended sunglasses lens colors for driving? Choose a polarized lens in your favorite hue. This way, you won’t be distracted by the reflections off passing cars.

Randolph sunglasses are built for both fashion and function. Take Randolphs on all of your road trips for a lifetime of extraordinary sightseeing.

Driving Sunglasses

Engineered for those who see things differently.

How to Compare Randolph’s Lenses

Color Contrast

Each lens provides a unique color contrast to fit your environment. Cities, forests, beaches and plains each offer their own environmental hues for your sunglasses to help highlight.

AGX is a ‘relaxing’ green that selectively highlights the soothing green/yellow wavelengths of the light spectrum to reduce eye fatigue and improve visual performance. American Tan provides contrast enhancement and depth perception superior to other lens colors for a sharp and warm crisp view, even on cloudy days. American Gray maintains ‘true’ color and contrast distribution throughout all light and terrain conditions, with a tint of darkening gray.

Visual Light Transmission

The Visual Light Transmission (VLT) of each lens is the percentage of how much light is visually allowed through the lens. The more light that is allowed in, the more light your eyes will perceive. Randolph offers three material types which change the VLT. This is different from polarization, which reduces glare.

AGX offers between 10-15%, American Tan offers between 14-17%, and American Gray offers between 10-15%. The exact VLT depends on which material you choose for the lens. See the lens technology page for more details.

Superior Optics

Drop tested. Wear tested. Military approved.

Lens Material

Our top three lens colors are offered in two material types: SkyTec™ and SkyForce™. Both materials have the option for polarized or non-polarized, depending on your adventures.

SkyTec™ mineral glass lenses are designed to meet very high standards with drop ball testing and reach an optical quality comparable to a professional camera lens. The glass quality adds authentic weight. SkyForce™ lenses are made with a lightweight hypoallergenic material and are also highly durable and scratch resistant. You can find all three colors in these two material options when you pick out your Randolph sunglasses style.

Choose your Frame Shape

Randolph’s frames are crafted with jewelry-quality precious metals and in a variety of Aviator styles to fit your face shape.

Check out our unique Aviator styles below and customize the frame to match your style.


Thaden with AGX Green SkyForce™ Lens and 23k Gold Frame


Sportsman with American Tan SkyTec-P™ Lens and 23k Gold Frame


P3 with American Gray SkyTec-P™ Lens and 23k Gold Frame

Do you wear AGX, American Tan or American Gray Randolphs?

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