How to Choose Aviator Sunglasses for Small Faces

For a lifetime in the sun, Randolph Engineering has you covered. We even have aviators for small faces.

Between our SkyTec™ lenses that offer superior optical clarity and our lifetime-guaranteed solder joints, Randolph aviators will travel to the ends of the earth and back again.

Our aviators are made for those who are ready to push the limits, no exceptions. For adventurers with small faces, the journey to the perfect-fitting aviators can be a tricky one.

Small Faces & Sunglasses Tips

Generally, people with small faces wear small sunglasses to make their faces look standard sized. Measuring your face according to our face sizing guidelines can help you get a better feeling on the perfect size to start with.

Large sunglasses can dominate your features, drawing attention away from you as an individual and putting too much focus on the accessory. By this logic, adventurers with small faces should avoid typical over-sized aviators. But this isn’t true for Randolph styles.

Randolph sunglasses come in a wide range of sizes, meaning there’s a pair for small, average and large faces. This is what makes us so unique! In addition, we have several frame shapes that are just perfect for small faces.

Men’s and Women’s Sunglasses for Small Faces

To really understand how to pick out aviators, you need to know what kind of face you have. Is it square, round, heart-shaped, or oval? You should also consider where the weight is distributed. Do you have a larger jaw or a bigger forehead? All of these factors are important when considering whether or not to wear aviators.

Most Randolph Engineering sunglasses styles are unisex and are classic styles for both men and women.

For Men with Small Faces

For men, the Hawk is among our favorited aviator styles. It’s been considered Randolphs most universal styles for face shapes with a slight teardrop lens paired with an angled inner brow. The Hawk is a gender neutral style, too.

For Women with Small Faces

For women seeking an overtly feminine style, the Amelia is an elegant choice. The Hawk and the Amelia are similarly shaped aviators with slight teardrop bottoms and unique brows, and the Amelia has an inner curvature to the frames for full coverage.

For Heavier Jaws and Beards

Just about any of our frame shapes will look good on you, but consider starting with the classic Aviator and drop the size down to 52mm. Our flagship Aviator contains a square lens rather than the familiar teardrop style, making it the perfect fit for small faces and those looking for an authentic look with aviation.

BUY NOW: The Aviator in Matte Chrome and Gray Glass
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Round Faces

Round faces pair best with box or square shaped frames. Consider options like the Aviator, the Hawk, the Intruder or one with an Italian acetate inlay from the Fusion Line.

BUY NOW: The Hawk in Dark Ruthenium and Blue Gradient Lite Lens
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Heart-Shaped Faces

The classic Aviator will do well, but pick a small size. You might also like the Amelia for women or the Hawk for unisex, both of which contain a slight teardrop shape but do not dip as low as the Concorde.

BUY NOW: The Amelia in Chocolate Gold and Tan Gradient Lite Lens
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Square Faces

The Concorde is a good start, but you may find they’re too large. Square shaped faces tend to compliment well with teardrop lenses. If the teardrop shape sits too low on your cheeks, try the P3, Amelia or the Hawk. The P3s contain round edges and will complement sharper features.

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Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky. Any style will look good on you! We recommend starting with the Aviator or P3, but try other options as well. All you want to watch is the size.

BUY NOW: The P3 in 23k Gold and Gray Glass
SKU: P3016

How to Make Sure Your Aviators Fit Well

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pair, check they fit on your face just right with the following:

  • Your Aviators don’t touch your face. If they touch your forehead or cheeks, they’re too big.
  • Your eyes are centered in the lenses. If not, the frames are too big.
  • Your Aviators sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose. You can adjust the nose pads if needed.

Celebrate the Perfect Fit

Once you’ve found the perfect set of aviators for your face, show them off!

Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest during your next excursion and use #MyRandolphs for a chance to be featured on our channels!

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