“I couldn’t be happier with your Ranger RX glasses.Quality is hard to find today and your product is absolutely a top of the line item. I feel they were definitely were the cost.  I have recommended them to a number of fellow shooters.”

Paul Pecoraro, Hamden, CT

“I just received a pair of aviator sunglasses from RE, and I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with them. The build and quality are extraordinary, and the optics are precisely what I was hoping for. I am not aware of another pair of sunglasses in this price range (or higher price ranges for that matter) that provides as much quality as these do.”

– Ryan Scannell, USA

“ I have used RE Aviator sunglasses for years and to say they are great would not be enough. I have been asked why I don’t get another style. Well it goes back to my days in the United States Air Force and flying as a flight mechanic on the C-5a…. I continue to live my aviator dream wearing my RE Aviators.”
— Dennis McGowan, USA

“Thank you so much for your quick and painless process for returns. Fast and thoughtful customer service is too much for most companies to handle these days. You have been a wonderful exception to come across!”
— Rob O’Keefe, Hammond, WI

“I recently purchased a pair of your aviator glasses, and discovered the frames were too large. I subsequently shipped them back the next day, and within a few days you had returned a pair in the proper size-no questions asked. This timely response is refreshing in this age of sub-par customer service. Furthermore, the glasses themselves are of the highest quality (particularly the hinges and ground- glass lenses which are distortion free). The tool kit is also a nice touch. I will be a repeat customer. Best wishes for the success of your operation.”
— Stephen Etzwiler, Las Vegas, NV

“Thanks for the outstanding service and warrantee support. This is what makes Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses the best value in the industry! I wouldn’t fly without them!”
— Vincent Curl